Meeting Minutes – June 3, 2014



Board Members in Attendance:

Juli, Rebecca, Christine, Jamie and Josh


Meeting called to order @6:03 pm

We began with the reading of our purpose statement and then introductions

We discussed upcoming events like the pride parade on June 14th and making signs as well as comedy night, the pride exhibit and the pride cruise

We made the announcement of the money earned through the rummage sale YAY!

Juli mentioned the possibility of putting together the fundraising committee

Darby brought up a drag show on the 22nd of June @ 8pm

Jamie mentioned story time on the 19th

Julie talked about the potluck paint party and that she hopes to continue the tradition annually of a pride celebration.


We watched the video presentation on the history of pride and followed the video with a discussion.

Our panel of speakers spoke about their coming out stories.

Panel Speakers:

John, Di, Kylie, Megan

After the speakers we had an open discussion and a few other members shared their own coming out stories


There were 23 people in attendance

The meeting was called to a close @8:00 pm


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