Straight 4 Equality

Straight For Equality is a subset of PFLAG National which focuses specifically on what straight allies who may not necessarily have any other ties to the LGBT community can do. If you’re wondering what you can do to help, maybe give their website a visit. There is an online pledge you can sign to promise to stand up against bullies and to educate others on proper terminology. You can check out the “Ally Spectrum” or get some training. We over at PFLAG Coeur d’Alene are participating in some online activism– putting a face on those who are allies and those who need allies. GAY RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS.

Here is the start:

Christine Juli Mandy MoePatrick

This project will be ongoing throughout June with a focus after July’s meeting, which deals specifically with the ideas of allyship.

3 thoughts on “Straight 4 Equality

  1. I fail to see why my or anyone’s orientation matters or is anyone’s business, I know this sounds a lot like “can’t we just all get along” but i do believe that when we open our eyes and just see people going about their lives, we will all be better off.

    • I completely agree with you, Mike. Unfortunately, “live and let live” is not working to ensure that everyone has equal rights. It’s important for those with privilege to stand up with and for those who are forced to exist without it.

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