A Different Boston Marathon Story

This is an amazing story, and completely relevant to our cause. Please take a moment to read the full article– you won’t regret it!

The Boeskool

As everyone memorialized and remembered the story of the Boston Marathon bombing, I was reminded again today of a story that is pregnant with hope. And redemption. And love. It is the story of the first woman to run in the Boston Marathon: Kathrine Switzer If you haven’t heard the story (or even if you have), please take a couple minutes to watch this her tell the story in her own words:

For those of you who can’t watch the video right now, the short version is this: Kathrine Switzer entered the 1967 Boston Marathon, a race that had been open only to men for 70 years, by using her initials. She ran with her coach and her boyfriend, and soon word spread that a woman was running in the race. A race official named Jock Semple (no kidding, his name was “Jock”) ran up to her and grabbed her, saying,

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